Welcome to the 5-Day
Spiritpreneurship Summit 2022
- Cycle of Life!

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  • Are you looking for coping skills to live a balanced life?

  • Has Covid taught you that YOU are important?

  • Are you challenged by all the offers out there and can't decide?

  • Do you finally want to move forward in the right direction?

 ...then the Spiritpreneurship Summit is for you.

This year's speakers and topics will lead you through a journey on where to begin and where you heading. The conversations are filled with knowledge, experience, and simple, powerful tools to adjust your trajectory.

This free 5-day Summit is released between September 12th - 16th. It includes daily LIVE introductions and ~30-min conversations with additional LIVE guests in this Facebook Group: Spiritpreneurship Summit.

Each day has an underlying subject, where we discuss relatable aspects. Find out more about our speakers below:


Day 1 - Creation

Swati Rohatgi

Daniel Allen, MetaSoul

Day 2 - Breath

Eva Espinosa, Our Little Secret

Diana Venskyte Landborg

Day 3 - Connection

Deddou Schaller

Kristina Crooks, Empowered Human

Day 4 - Discovery

Chloe Baumgarner, Ringana

Romaine Franzen

Day 5 - Evolution

Matt Ludmer, The Aligned Center

Jeff Carreira

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