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  • Are you constantly on the go?

  • Never giving yourself a break?

  • Are you looking for a community? Meditating together weekly?

  • Developing your personal meditation practice?

With this Meditation Membership, you can practice at your own discretion while joining the weekly meditation community. When you give yourself 15 minutes of daily stillness, you become aware of your thoughts and body and make decisions that will serve you in the long run.

Monthly Meditation Membership  includes the following:

  • Access to weekly live sessions

  • Community of like-minded people

  • Monthly access to meditation library




  • Has COVID changed your daily routines and you don't get things done?

  • Have you tried different methods of lifestyle changes, routines, practices, and nothing seems to work?

  • Are you looking for a community? Where you can find common ground and lift each other up?

  • While deepening the practice of mindfulness in different aspects of your life?

From dealing with uncertainty, anxiety, through struggling with how to communicate with others, we will explore how little mental shifts can be the root of your solution.

This membership includes workshops that focus on different facets of your life as a parent and a community that can hold us accountable for approaching it. This membership entails:

Access to all workshop for one-year

  • 9 workshops a year ($999 total)

  • Recorded sessions and pdf's

  • Follow-up email




  • Are you ready to take mindful living more seriously and learn how to embody mindfulness in your life as a parent?

  • Are you looking to connect your individual development with a community?

  • Do you have a basic knowledge of your body, mind, and soul, but missing how they link them together?

  • Are you willing to move to the next level of being present and comfortable with the uncomfortable?

Then this membership will add the personal touch to your mindful journey. Looking at your life through a magnifying glass will make significant adjustments on how you communicate, providing compassionate skills to the pallet, and this series will transform your life and touch your family.


This monthly add-on to the offered workshops will deepen your interest in mindfulness and present moment awareness, and equip you with the tools to keep returning to the now. The membership includes:

Access to all workshop for one-year

  • 9 workshops a year ($999 total)

  • Recorded sessions and pdf's

  • Follow-up email

PLUS monthly 1:1 coaching (60 min, worth $2,148) and address any interests of personal and business synchronicity and implement mindfulness into your life (contact me for more info or schedule a complimentary session.)


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