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Perfection through Imperfection

Everyday we are exposed to expectations on completing daily tasks, reaching deadlines, parenting, teaching, and many more.

The amount of time it takes us to decide on how to finalize these assignments is too many to count, additionally aiming on doing them perfectly will add time. Interestingly, perfection is relative. Every body sees perfection differently. Some understand perfection in relation to how it looks, some of us see it in how and when the job is completed, and others feel perfection is what is expected from us.

The latter is what is the toughest and most likely something we pay a lot of attention to, especially in the work place where we are asked to do certain assignments.

Time is of the essence in any of these inquiries and this is what we don't have enough of. Our days only have 24 hours which includes sleep, commute, breakfast, lunch, and dinner (if we have time), waits on line, times on our phones, getting ready for work and bed, and many other tasks. This only leads us with a small amount of time to work, spend time with family, and relaxation.

One way to better our daily approach is to define the importance of our tasks and particularly how much time we want to spent on them each day. There is no one fits all and no day is the same, we do have the chance to at least set our priorities. Yes, work is important because it pays our bills and if we don't excel in it then why should we get paid. Understanding what perfection means to our supervisors, managers, and ourselves, we are able to find a balance between perfection and a skillful completed job.

Letting go of expectations we have of ourselves and what we think others have of us will help us stabilize our daily lives and we find and accept perfection through imperfection.

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