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The Power of Community: Driving Business and Personal Growth

Have you ever felt the exhilaration of achieving a common goal with a group of people? It's a powerful experience that underscores the truth that working together is more attainable and impactful. The journey towards this shared goal is what strengthens our connections, and today's post will delve into three aspects:

  1. The Bigger Picture

  2. Individual Strengths

  3. Same Goals

These aspects demonstrate why communities matter, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and unity. We all yearn to impact the world, even if our world mainly contains our immediate family. The impact at its foundation could be safety, security, support, care, and love. These are not just abstract concepts but emotions that we all deeply desire and could reflect our life goals. What are your desires? How we get there and execute it can vary, though at the end of the day, unless we support this baseline, the outcome won't be as satisfying because we will keep chasing after more. That kind of yearning will lead to disappointment and frustration and never reach satisfaction and contentment.

Why would I not aim for more? Thinking of business, we believe that more relates to money and profit. What if more could be driven by connections? Not to say that profit can't be made. Even in personal affairs, we easily mistake more is better. From friendships, spending time together, and material things. Again, what if a genuine, honest, and deep connection brings us safety, security, support, care, and love? As American Entrepreneur and acclaimed motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn once said: “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” That's what connections do: spend more time with the people we care about. Now, where do we begin?

  1. The Bigger Picture

What are we truly chasing? If we are being honest, the purpose of money has little to do with the materials and experiences we are getting. What we are seeking is safety, security, support, care, and love. Unless we begin being honest, we won't realize that putting our energy on something that isn't giving us what we need causes us to lose track of the bigger picture and, in the end, the communities we want to belong to and who will walk with us in the same direction. Do you have a bigger picture in mind?

2. Individual Strength

Once we honed in on the bigger picture that isn't based on fleeting moments. Something that is here to stay, a north star. We evaluate our strengths, personalities, characteristics, and vulnerabilities. We will recognize that to reach the bigger picture of safety, security, support, care, and love. We won't get there alone and will find ourselves in a community of two, ten, or hundreds with the same bigger picture in mind. We start seeing how each of us can support each other by bringing different traits. This realization will help us to adjust and connect with people who have what we are missing.

3. Same Goals

To reach the bigger picture, we must discuss whether we have the same goals. Even though our bigger picture is safety, security, support, care, and love. How to get there might differ, and that will be the most relevant conversation to have and probably the hardest because it will require us to revisit who is the right fit for this particular community and who else we need to add to ensure we reach the same goal within the bigger picture.

This thought process was evoked after I picked up garbage alongside the road where I take my daily walks. I focused on making a small impact on nature and myself. After exchanging words with a friend who passed along, he offered to increase a change by writing a proposal to the Department of Environmental Protection to get support. Furthermore, a police officer thanked me and offered his help in bringing more responsibility to the people who cause waste in nature. These interactions made me realize that when we allow a connection to happen and exchange ideas, we will learn more about each other, mainly where support can be provided and a greater mission can be reached.

By reviewing these three aspects and connecting the dots of my little adventure, we can create a great foundation to make a difference in our lives. And it doesn't have to be significant to be noticeable. Some people can make an impact visible to the world, while others make it noticeable to their peers and family members. No impact is too small. All that matters is that we will grow at the end of each connection and engagement. Building deeper connections with one another is priceless and can never be replaced with a dollar sign.

How will you make an impact in your life? What's the bigger picture you like to serve? What strengths and skills can you bring it further, and what other people's skill sets would you require to reach that goal? Start small for a significant impact. Where will you begin?

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