Where Will the Road Lead?

2022 has arrived, and after another year of new challenges, the anticipation of more remarkable and more joyful experiences is filled with expectations.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2022? Think about it for a moment, maybe even close your eyes.

Now, from what came to mind is a realistic outcome. Is it a hope that would be possible if certain things change; people, circumstances, habits, behaviors, relationships? Now again, how realistic is your hope for 2022? I am not here to change your hope or to tell you that you can't dream of things that include many changes. All I am asking you is to become aware of your hopes and dreams with where you are and where you are heading.

Where the road will lead is where you direct it to. This includes our beliefs, fears, and trust in ourselves. There is a lot of uncertainty connected to that. We are talking about something in the future that hasn't happened yet. Which is based on the past that we experienced. Before we move too far ahead of ourselves, I ask you to look in the rearview mirror.

Are we running away from or avoiding something we don't want to happen again? Are we resisting something that we don't want to come across? Or are we bringing something along with us that we don't want to leave behind? Again, this is not to change anything about how we look into the past. It solely gives us feedback on what we are paying attention to and how it affects us. Unless we give our full attention to what was and, more importantly, where we are right now, our future will reflect that. This is where our beliefs and fears play a big part.

#Beliefs and #fears are created by our #mind. We are the creator of our thoughts and, therefore, the outcome we seek. It's up to us to recreate them to support us and see ourselves in the light we see people we look up to.

My mission for this year is to further provide us with insights on how mindfulness