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Why Become "The Aware Parent?"

If the pandemic taught us anything, our lives aren't a fixed idea that we have absolute control of.

It also taught us that impermanence is real, and change can happen overnight without our influence.

This pandemic sheds light on how much we are used to routines, structure, and freedom in interacting with each other and our surroundings.

When we look at our daily routines before the pandemic, and now, we can quickly point out that it negatively affects us. Of course, it also showcased encouraging upsides on how we reconnected with what is important, our families.

As time goes on, we are tired of keep adjusting and feeling restricted from our "usual" schedules and activities. Our thought patterns will always compare and contrast what we want and don't have. We are in a constant cycle of comparisonitis. When we stay in this feeling of never having or doing enough, we get exhausted. Adding our experience of COVID19, our energy is zapped away, and we don't know how to live fully again.

Becoming more aware and mindful is a simple tool that allows us to be more present and appreciative of the things we already have, continuously. We don't become the victim of our habits, expectations, judgments, and unsolicited obligations. When we get overwhelmed with our responsibilities with family and work, we don't get enough sleep as time in a day runs out, and our patience becomes very limited.

We have one opportunity to let go. Letting go has many aspects. When we talk about awareness, it isn't the actual act of letting go just yet. It is the first step to notice how our thought patterns lead us and how our choices are not the most beneficial. In my upcoming 3 Thursday workshop, "The Aware Parent" (starting Nov 5th), we begin to look at our thinking, reactions, and habits throughout our days.

By questioning and becoming aware of our daily activities, tendencies, and habits, we receive insight into recurring issues. This information will help us implement the right mindfulness skills, such as paying attention to our breath, focusing, and shifting thought patterns, which allows us to slow our processes down. We can begin to respond instead of reacting to what is happening in demanding and time-limiting situations. Without awareness, we won't change or adjust our routines to live a less stressed and frustrating life.

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