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How do we access the Super Power in us?

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Day 5 - Super Power

Amanda Kelly is a Transformational Mindset and Embodiment
Coach who empowers survivors to activate their vitality,
reconnect with their power, and claim their abundance so they 
can create a life of joy, love, and freedom and truly thrive. You
an connect with her on Facebook and Instagram @thisartcalledlife,
and grab her free Infinite Possibilities Mind Body Soul Reset guide
with visualization to activate abundance,vitality, and success.

We are rounding this summit up with Super Power. We all possess it, and sometimes we need to reconnect with it. It isn't always right at our disposal.


Tobias Barnes Hofmeister and Deddou Schaller are true spiritpreneurs and proof how superpower shows up in our lives. Tobias and Deddou have explored and tapped into different fields of interest and never lost sight of self. Through their journeys bring to light how to:

  • start somewhere and let it lead the way,

  • connect to body, mind, and soul and how it is taking us to the next level,

  • set your mind on what you believe in,

  • couple with other forces to reach a higher plane, and 

  • know yourself by evolving and transforming constantly.

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Tobias values growth and belonging. As a spiritually awoken high-achiever, he inspires spiritually awakening entrepreneurs on their path to building authentic, deeply connected businesses capitalizing their unique talents at scale. He is infectiously enthusiastic about the unlimited opportunities laying ahead of us and has a gift to inspire the people around him to reveal and express their unique talents.


Tobias believes in the transformative power of the community and creates environments that radiate love, trust, honesty, openness, and courage. He is devoted to fostering Deep Connection through his Mastermind programs, the Superhumans Podcast, international speaking and writing of his first book.

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“With my life, I want to make this world a little bit better.”

This has always been Deddou’s guiding mantra. It was the mantra behind launching POP UP YOGA – exhilarating yoga in exciting places – where Deddou wanted to make yoga more accessible and help to spread the time-proven teachings of this ancient practice to modern life.

It has also been her mantra when creating Deddou Schaller, her personal brand, where she supports Yoga Teachers with Trainings, Coaching, and Mentoring. By sharing her skills, experience, and learnings of being a yoga teacher, business owner, and entrepreneur for more than a decade, she intends to make a positive impact in many people’s lives and therefore making the world a little bit better.


Deddou has been a yoga teacher for more than 8 years and her teaching style ranges from exhilarating, creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga to therapeutic Yoga and Yoga practices specifically addressing the energetic body.


In 2016 she set up her first Teacher Training which has evolved to a popular 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Training in and beyond Zürich. It puts emphasis on creative sequencing and the practical aspect of teaching yoga. By now over 80 yoga teachers have graduated, many of them teaching yoga on a regular basis.


Over the past years, she set up additional Trainings from Yin Yoga to Advanced Anatomy or Pre-Natal and Energetic Anatomy Trainings, revolutionizing the way yoga is passed on. She’s been at the front of integrating the latest technology for optimal learning and skill development and combining it with highly educated Yoga Teachers, who are experts in their respective fields.


In 2020 she finally decided to unite two seemingly opposite skills of hers: her skills and experience as a yoga teacher and her BA in business & communication. Yoga Teachers can work with Deddou in group-settings for example in her 40h Business of Yoga Training or in 1-1 mentoring or personal coaching. 


Website coming soon:

POP UP YOGA website:

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