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Spiritpreneurship Summit 2020

- How to Find Purpose in Life!

September 14th - 18th, 2020

  • Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed with your work, chores, and daily tasks?

  • Do you know that there is more to life?

  • Do you wonder how you could get a break and feel rejuvenated regularly?

  • Do you crave a balanced life?

 ...then the Spiritpreneurship Summit is for you.

These inspiring speakers give many examples of how challenges shaped their lives. Their journeys and their choices began with awareness and the willingness to transform. Here are some of their shared insights:

  • bringing awareness of how our stories and journeys are part of us.

  • building on our struggles and challenges can create beautiful futures.

  • only when we synergize our personal and professional being can we capture our true purpose.

  • becoming inclusive of our pleasant and unpleasant experiences completes our being.

  • applying different tools and practices will support our present moment and upcoming events.

Speakers' Sneak-Peek
Speakers' Sneak Peek

This Summit is 5 days with videos that were released between September 14th - 18th. It included daily LIVE introductions and ~30-min conversations with additional LIVE guests. Now, you can find the LIVE engagements each day, and  in the Facebook Group, you will find additional engagement.

Each day has an underlying subject, where we discuss relatable aspects. Find out more about our speakers below, click on the day you're interested in:

Day 1 - Lifestyle 

Lea Pickard, Happy + Free

Trish Taylor

Eva Espinosa, Our Little Secret

Day 2 - Holistic Healing

Laura Preskin, Yaffa Activewear

Cindy Olsen, Cindy by Nature

Trish Taylor & Lea Pickard

Lara Friedman Kats

Day 3 - Psychology

Ridvan Foxhall, New Era Creative Space

Arthur Segreti

Cindy Olsen, Cindy by Nature

Day 4 - Spiritual Awakening

Matt Ludmer, The Aligned Center

Jeff Carreira

Day 5 - Super Power

Tobias Hofmeister, Superhumans

Deddou Schaller, Pop-Up Yoga

Amanda Kelly, This Art Called Life

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