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Welcome to the 5-Day
Spiritpreneurship Summit 2022
- Spirals of Life!

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  • Does every day feel like groundhog day?

  • Do you feel like you're in a never-ending cycle?

  • Are you looking to discover and witness the evolution of your life?

 ...then, this year's Spiritpreneurship Summit is for you.

This year's topic is "Spirals of Life."


When we are aware of our habits and routines (our cycles) and moving with them as we go through each day, week, month, and year, we notice that we are consistently changing and evolving.

Building on our past summits - the business of self and self-evolution - this year we are exploring the different spirals in our lives and how we evolve with them by:


  • Deepening our awareness.

  • Becoming clearer about who we are.

  • Living our lives more fully and with presence.

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This 5-day Summit is released between September 12th - 16th. It includes daily LIVE introductions and ~30-min conversations with additional LIVE guests in this Facebook Group: Spiritpreneurship Summit.

Each day has a specific subject within the annual theme, where we discuss relatable aspects. Find out more about our speakers below:


Day 1 - Foundation

Swati Rohatgi

Diana Venskyte Landborg

Day 2 - Continuation

Kristina Crooks, Empowered Human

Deddou Schaller

Day 3 - Deepening

Matt Ludmer, The Aligned Center

Renske von Kollenburg

Day 4 - Expansion

Daniel Allen, MetaSoul

Jeff Carreira

Day 5 - Summit Workshop


Special Gathering

We, the speakers, will be joining our forces and creating a 2-hour environment of learning and growing as a community. 

Space is limited (6), register here.

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