Enthusiastic, caring, and adventurous about life.

My name is Raditia Lasry, and my mission in life is to always live in the moment, not to overthink, and to be happy. My parents had a significant impact on how I view the world and pursue the people around me, my husband taught me the significance of self-evaluation, including many other inspirations along the way.

Using my breath as the compass of where I am and how I feel has changed my focus and life goals. Through my yoga teacher training, Vipassana meditation practice, and studies at Mindful Schools have led me to choose mindfulness as my purpose. The many pieces of training broadened my expertise and taught me that increased awareness of our surroundings could lead to a more fulfilling life for every age group.


People and their lives always sparked an interest in me from an early age. My everyday challenges encourage me to be a better person and exploring my boundaries. Driven by improving and fulfilling them as a mother, I re-established a profound practice of mindfulness and want to share my experiences and tools I learned with you.

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Mindful Habit Change 4-week Workshop at Ixchel Center and Inwood Family Guidance

Siemens Healthineers Diagnostics, Inc. 4-week Workshop (twice a week)

Private sessions

Undertone, Mindfulness Training

Inwood Family Guidance, Children Mindfulness 4-week Workshop

Rochambeau School, Mindfulness Staff Workshop

Pleasantville Library, Mindfulness for Moms and Mindfulness Training

Purchase College, Mindfulness Training at Wellness Center

Wellness Concept Inc., Destress at Your Desk Workshops

Purchase College, Mindfulness Training in Advanced Psychology of Communication course

Individual courses, Mindfulness Training and Yoga

A Breath of Yoga, Yoga Substitute

Schüco USA LLLP, Mindfulness Training to employees

Still Mind Yoga, Mindfulness Yoga

New York Athletic Club, Mindfulness Yoga​​

Vipassana, 2-day Silent Retreat

Mindfulness in America Summit

Mindful Schools, Trained in Mindfulness Curriculum for young children, adolescents, and adults

Purchase College, Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies: Arts

Westchester Community College, Liberal Arts

NYU, Contract, Procurement, and Negotiations

Vipassana, 10-day Silent Retreat

Joschi Yoga Institute, 200-hr Teacher Training

Columbia University, Mediation training

Peridance, International Student Program
Broadway Dance Center, International Student Visitor Program

Kaufmännische Berufsschule Zug, 3-year apprenticeship in Business in Switzerland