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“When I first attended a Mindful Being workshop I was impressed with how much Raditia Lasry was able to make me feel comfortable. She has a soothing voice and is very knowledgeable. I was able to connect with myself and discover ways to communicate with others and have a better understanding of any situation. I came to realize that it is only important for a person to care about how they feel about themselves not how others perceive us to be. In this society, the media, and others tell us how we should act and what we should believe. We need to learn to be our own person and know what we want as an individual to make us happy and healthy. This course helps you find out.”

Monika Link

Participant of multiple workshops


“I realized that I needed some hand-holding - especially during these months with COVID19 -someone to gently show me the way, to show me that I can change my ways at any age (I’m 67) and that I needed the tools to be calmer and more gentle with myself. That’s what I found in Raditia, my instructor. I practice every day some of the tools I learned, or sometimes a sentence here and there from class suddenly comes to my mind when I find myself in the middle of a crisis; it all helps me to feel more grounded, and to know that I’m all right, that every is all right. For that, I’m very grateful.”

Peggy Abensur

Participant of multiple workshops


“In today’s climate, we are all working very hard and forget to stop and take time out. Through this mindfulness course, I now recognize that I need to stop, take a moment (or two) and focus on myself and my wellbeing.”

Emilie Kava

Finding Comfort Participant


“Raditia is very knowledgeable and passionate about her teachings. She has helped me through her mindfulness course to bring more awareness to my life and the lives of others around me. I was able to learn how to live in the moment and was given helpful tips such as breathing exercises, listening techniques, and lots of understandings of how we think/function as humans. It was overall a great experience and I look forward to having her back for more sessions!”

Jenessy Hernandez
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

“The mindfulness sessions have been extremely useful both personally and at work. There are so many lessons learned that I can apply and go back to every day of my life. Thank you!”

Victoria Arboleda
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.


"Raditia is very knowledgeable about ways to improve your ability to pay attention to how you are going through your life and how to implement it in your day!"

Cathy Lipsky RN, ANP
Owner of Ixchel Center

“This series of classes taught by Raditia Lasry was a joy to attend; I left each class feeling more at peace and better able to face the world. I wish I could do this every day.”

Jerry Sherman

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

“This was a great experience for me to reevaluate my day to day life and routine. By learning different ways to approach situations and how to deal with them, was eye-opening.”

Moy Emrick

Mindful Habit Change Participant

“Ms. Lasry was my teaching assistant for an advanced course in the Psychology of Communication last year.  Just when I was thinking about incorporating more mindfulness activities into the weekly curriculum, Ms. Lasry brought her interest and experience into the classroom and was instrumental in bringing this component of the course to life.  Course evaluations specifically noted that this was the most helpful aspect of the course because students said that they gained or strengthened skills that they could take with them into their everyday lives.  This was a large course in a cavernous space and yet Ms. Lasry was able to gently and skillfully guide us all in meaningful mindfulness activities that we all looked forward to week to week.

Kenn Mann, Psy.D
Adjunct Faculty, SUNY Purchase 

"We were stuck in NYC for a few more days because of that ash cloud... when we met Raditia, introduced by our good friend Sandrine, for a marvelous yoga session. Personally, that was my first one. I appreciated a lot, it was an hour of delicious relaxation mixed with exercises and stretching led by a very talented teacher. Raditia is a shining person, she gave us personalized advice, she took time to correct us when doing wrong, patiently. We thank you for our unforgettable yoga lesson in Central Park!"

Olivia & Jean-Louis

"Thank you so much for all the extra support you've provided us all this semester! All the mindfulness activities have been extremely enlightening."

Cristina Mennea

Student of Adv. Psychology of Communication Class

"Would totally recommend Raditia's yoga class for any level yogi. She tailors the class to your specific areas of interest. It's great exercise and also a spiritual experience."

Sarah Bethoney

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