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Society, work, and family don’t make it easy to live life at ease. Whenever we experience overwhelm, stress, and uncertainty, we aim to distract ourselves and focus only on what brings us positive vibes. What if operating that way only gets us further away from what makes us happy?


Being happy goes way beyond what we do and our relationships. It’s the connection and understanding we have about ourselves. Embracing all the facets that make us us, likes and dislikes, we can, one, unconditionally love ourselves and, two, create a new relationship with the world around us.


Raditia applies her own stories and lessons learned in the realm of mindfulness to create a new relationship with our- selves and invites us to use our innate resources of love, a little smile, and a quick hello as a first step, and expands on more practices to live life with more lightness, freedom, and ease.


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Boutique Personal Training, Scarsdale

Be Human, Be Happy, Be YOU! (Hardcover)

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