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Day 1 - Lifestyle

How does lifestyle relate to the

"Spiritpreneurship Summit?"

Eva Espinosa's mission is to lead a movement towards the elevation
of hairdressing to a therapeutical level. She understands the power
behind hair, how to enhance those rituals, and how they can be
used as a tool to assist individuals in meaningful transformation.
From Our Little Secret, her independent London salon, she uses her knowledge in psychology, energy work, trauma, and yoga philosophy to distinguish her services with a holistic vision that has for a decade served and engaged an incredible community that has enriched and coo elevating their social experiences and interactions.
For her, hairdressing is not just an outlet to
copy and paste inherited ideas, but an act of
self-care, resistance, and a wonderful tool to
inspire individuals towards self-actualization,
personal development, and meaningful social

Our life is surrounded by digital devices and social media, which can lead us into comparing and losing who we are.  Lea Pickard and Trish Taylor are today's incredible speakers whom I have connected through Instagram. Lea and Trish talk about how they approach their business and how it truly belongs to them, you learn how to:

  • realign your inside with your outside,

  • embrace your physical and mental characteristics,

  • become happy and content with life changes,

  • use tools that support your daily challenges, and 

  • rediscover yourself and improve with small steps.

Trish Taylor is a stylist and brand embodiment coach committed to helping heart-centered, online entrepreneurs align their outside with their inside so they can create magnetizing content and feel worthy of their expertise.


She helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and mindful course creators feel confident sharing their voice and showing up.


Trish’s unique experience as a counselor and celebrity stylist gives her a unique perspective on how to help her clients step into the most confident version of themselves. She collaborates with clients who have a big message to share and empowers them to see the value and transformation that only they can be the catalyst for first, so the world can see it, too.


To connect and receive additional support. Please take the Embodied Brand Quiz:

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Hi! I'm Lea, digital course creator, founder of the Shine Community, and owner of Happy + Free. And I’m serious about happiness.


 I help women who long for more joy, meaning, and connection gets back to a life they truly love. My unique approach combines science and soul—I’m an academic who studies happiness, and a soulful yogi who deeply understands the mind-body connection. This holistic approach helps women who want more from life—maybe even feel stuck or broken—to uncover their purpose, connect to their authentic self, and truly shine. 


 A little about me: If you don’t find me soaking up sunshine at the beach, I’m probably drinking chai while working at my home office, with hug breaks from my hunky hubby or 6-year-old long-haired sweet boy. I’m a southern girl who globetrotted in my formative years with an Air Force dad. So I’m kinda obsessed with well—everything about culture. But remember I said I’m also a big nerd? I am trained as a medical anthropologist and have spent most of my professional career studying and teaching about the body, health, well-being, and happiness in a cross-cultural perspective. Along the way, I also fell in love with the transformative power of yoga, became a teacher, and bought a yoga studio. 


Now I’ve taken my passion for education and made it digital! Happy + Free is where I can use all my knowledge to help amazing people build happier, healthier lives with less stress and more joy!

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