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Becoming the Mindful Parent

Over the past few months, I increased my awareness of how important it was to focus on a clear message. Everywhere I looked, different people and businesses were pointing out how putting energy on one specific group can enhance your expertise and make it easier to come up with content.

I took a leap of faith and started working with a life coach who helps to clarify messages. I already worked with a mentor and am part of a confidence community and, for some reason, felt I needed something additional.

While working with a life coach, there were moments of resistance, difference in opinions, and confirmations. It was also supportive of having my mentor and coach of the confidence community, assisting me in exploring new ideas and deepening my mission spreading mindfulness. What I learned in this process wasn't only to clarify my message but also how significant it is to have a group of people I can turn to bounce off ideas and come up with a conclusion.

Why is this relevant to become a mindful parent? Unless we work together and each of us contributes their part, we are only partially successful. Talking about being a parent, having a relationship, and balancing work and life, we are social beings. As the saying goes: "It takes a village to raise a child."

Additional to how we create a joint effort of the people we surround ourselves, we also need to understand and know ourselves to see how we function within our communities. This is where Mindful Being comes in with the new workshop series to become "The Mindful Parent."

The expertise I share with you is how we approach each day. Small steps will go a long way. We easily get carried away by the bigger picture and how we would like life to look like after our lives have been thrown overboard with this year's pandemic. When schools became remote, work moved into our homes, and socializing has limitations; I realized that only if we appreciate and grasp how only today matters and how every new moment can shift our attention to something more essential, mindfulness has become more beneficial than ever.

Not only do we learn to be grateful for the present moment and cherish our breaths, but we also embody a different mindset on how to be compassionate with the variety of our and other emotions. This is when we begin to pay more attention to how it matters to slow down, give self-care, become aware of our thought patterns followed by our actions, and how we lead the way.

My story in how I became a mindful parent is when I thought of being a parent as an experiment. I didn't know what it meant to care for another human being that depends on me in the first eighteen years. Only time would tell that knowing my flaws and strengths matters on how to care for another human. We have no clue what impact we will have on our children 20, 30 years from now. And over the past two years, I comprehended how deep listening to our children and caring for ourselves, too, is fundamental to how I am a mindful parent. I am not perfect, and I will never be. Still, I can be present and share how I feel without feeling ashamed or thinking of doing something wrong. By focusing on making small modifications daily, I appreciate impermanence and start each day anew.

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