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Practicing a Flexible Mind

Over these past few weeks, we found ourselves at home and trying to find new ways to be okay. It is undebatable that we experience a range of emotions and lack of motion. Usually, we avoid our feelings and crave distractions to make our lives livable. We wonder, how shall this go on? How can I be happy and content? Now, we know that schools are closed for the rest of the year, physical distancing is becoming the norm, and experiencing limitations in our daily lives aren't escapable. The question of "How am I going to deal with this any longer?" gains more urgency. Until now, we just wanted to get through this period and crossed our fingers to get our "old normal" back as soon as possible. Now, we are looking for ways to make this long summer enjoyable and how to ensure our sanity. My experience through this time has been focusing inwards. I contemplated about what this all means on a bigger picture and how can I positively strengthen my relationship with my loved ones and awareness of my internal turmoil. The journey wasn't easy at first. The more I become comfortable in my skin and understanding my outburst of certain situations, made me realize that it all starts and ends in my head. There are no other influences that matter how we react to a particular situation. Of course, the involvement of another person makes us think it is the other person that causes us to overreact. Think again? Is it the other person, or is it how we see or know the other person? If it is the latter, then it is only us who causes the reaction. Once I figured out that I am in control of my actions and only if I practice a flexible mind, can I see my challenges arising. It might sound strange to believe that if I change my mindset, I change someone else's. The change doesn't happen overnight. My shift in life perspectives could take all my life. At the same time, it will take some time for the other person to notice a change. I've been self-exploring for quite some time, so it isn't unfamiliar territory to question my actions and behaviors to discover other ways to structure and notice them. The easier it was to go through these challenging times of uncertainty of daily living. What helped me during this unprecedented time is to keep practicing a flexible mind. By noticing and becoming aware of what thoughts are influencing an optimistic mindset and which ones are hindering the support of our daily turbulence. It is a constant practice, which doesn't end with a solution but an expanded understanding of how our thoughts and mind impact our lives. Taking a deep breath, sensing our heart rate, and clarifying what our underlying notion in a situation is can assist us in making a conscious choice in how to respond. It will nurture our relationships internally and externally, and it will help us to view every trouble anew and with an open and flexible mind.

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