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Self-reflection and a community

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

A question keeps arising: "How are we able to be better and greater than we were in the past?"

The answers come forward in many different ways but with the same conclusion.

Reading Dalai Lama's autobiography "Freedom to Exile" taught me that keeping one self's character and purpose in sight provides the self-awareness on how to evolve by changing and still staying true to our self. This alone won't carry us through, we will need an entire community to survive and to improve. The type of community isn't relevant. What is important is to keep the sense of always changing and that we are always evolving. As in Dalai Lama's story his community depended on the situation. At times it was other countries that came to the rescue of supporting Tibet's culture and civilians and at times it was the Tibetans itself that build an entire town by hand and kept finding resources for food in a new environment.

Also, learning about "ikigai" a Japanese words that means the purpose of life. Provided me additional input on how to live a happy life. There are five pillars, as described by Ken Mogi, that make up "ikigai:"

1. Start small

2. Let go

3. Harmony and Sustainability

4. Joy of little things and

5. Here and now

Explained by Ken Mogi through Japanese sumo ringers, sushi chef, and ballet dancers, it came to show that even if we are finding our purpose in life and finding ways to be happy, a group of people that are part of your cause make a life complete.

No matter where in the world, it comes to show that one, we have to be honest with ourselves and willing to change, and two, that only if we come together as a community we are able to overcome obstacles bigger than ourselves.

Sometimes it takes time to find the relationship and community that will be part of our journey and we always need to stay in the presence to keep evaluating our current situations.

Nothing is static, everything moves in one way or another. Everything is put together in molecules, which creates something (e.g. humans, nature, objects, etc.) and keeps moving and changing. Having said that, it might be hard sometimes to let go of our old habits and reaction to certain situations. However, only if we are willing to face our characters, emotions, and relationships, we will find a better and greater future.

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