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Catch Yourself!

When we hear this phrase, we can make different associations depending on our experiences. We could relate it to a defensive, avoiding, and observing way. Which way was your initial interpretation?

The conversation and connection I want to make is the observing way. When we move with mindfulness in our life, observation plays a considerable role in how we can make a difference in our lives and meet life in all aspects.

During my recent trip to Switzerland, I had many opportunities to practice my observation skills without judgment. It's so easy for us to fall into judgment, criticism, and complaint when we notice differences between how we want to do things and how others are living life.

If you have ever spent time in another country, or even state or city, we quickly make comments like: "I don't understand why the people here talk, drive, handle things like this. This does not make sense." And other versions of demonstrating the difference between us and them. And the more we spend time around that place, the more we notice the differences.

It even happens around family. We don't always get why people choose to do certain things a certain way. It's hard for us to accept it for what it is. We want to create unity, we want to make a connection, and the differences make it hard to do.

When we move from comparing and contrasting to sole observation, when we begin to catch ourselves in making these unhelpful comments and creating a vast crevice between them and us, they can get smaller and almost vanish. The beauty of catching ourselves is that we can make a difference in following up on such a thought and comment. We all do it, so there is no harm in having those thoughts. The trick is consciously adjusting and following up that thought with something more supportive and connecting.

Over the past twenty years, I've been moving between the US and Switzerland. Being with family and the place I grew up in. The more I practiced my observation skills, the more I noticed that the difference I thought of actually didn't exist. Yes, we do certain things differently, though most things I thought were different are actually human behaviors across the ocean. And I noticed that the tendencies of people I love are habits and ways of being that I, too, have. By beginning to focus on connection and unity, the more love and enjoyment we experience throughout our days and therefore lives.

It felt like an accomplishment when I could say: "I caught myself before judging and instead made a connection." The five weeks away have let me focus on connecting emotionally to ourselves and others to create unity with our differences and commonalities. Want to join this movement? Are you interested in finding more freedom within yourself and whatever life throws at you?

Then keep following along, share your experiences, and join us in possible gatherings near you, to put our intellectual minds into our bodies and hearts so that we can start living life happy, free, and content. And to catch ourselves more often to build unity.

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