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Mindful Being is here to support you to love and trust yourself. Helping you move through your daily experiences, from overwhelm, stress, perfectionism, distractions, and unworthiness to procrastination and establishing an expansive way of being yourself while being there for others.

Mindful Being works with various tools and effortless ways to find sanity and peace more regularly. It can include awareness practices, meditation, simple yoga postures, and exploring new perspectives on your habits. The continuous practice of paying attention to your daily activities and interactions with people around you can give you more understanding of how to adjust certain aspects of your life.


Private Practitioner

"I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude to my personal life coach and spiritual mindfulness guide Raditia Lasry. In the sessions that we have had together I have discovered some profound insights about the personal and professional relationships that I have with the people in my life, as well as the relationship that I have towards myself. Her engaging understanding compassionate patient demeanor has allowed me to share my thoughts and feelings openly and honestly so that we have been able to unravel many unique and interesting perspectives on many of my questions and concerns that have been subtly left unattended in my life. After attending just a few sessions with her I feel more enlightened and attuned to the world as it more truly is around me. I am definitely looking forward to continuing my journey with her."

Letting go of our ways of thinking and identifying, approaching each moment for what it is and not what we think it is. Using our ability to be creative in every moment can open up many opportunities we missed. We can live the life we could only envision if we live fearlessly, without judgment and expectations.

Mindful Being is here to help you grow, learn, and evolve to the best self you can imagine and guide you with a mindful approach in your daily life.

Looking back on my forty+ years of life, I find a common denominator; my desire for happiness, human connection, and willingness to get uncomfortable in conversations, debates, conflicts, and different perspectives. Over years of practice, I have learned to hold these communications without enforcing myself onto others, believing that we all have to have the same opinion and avoiding opposing perspectives. I have found a way to hear and listen to what is happing in the other person’s life. This experience leads me to find peace within myself and who I am.

Finding myself in different roles as a daughter, sister, spouse, mother, friend, colleague, employee, customer, stranger, and any other roles we come across. I realized they don’t define nor limit me. These roles expand my experience of being human.


Mindful Being offers diverse sessions to help you be more content and happier when coping with life. The choice is yours.

Join me on this beautiful journey of self-discovery and life in-person and online.


In-person presentation or by phone at your convenience

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"Mindfulness shows us what is happening in our bodies, our emotions, our minds, and in the world. Through mindfulness, we avoid harming ourselves and others."

Thich Nhat Hanh

Monk, Zen Master, Poet, and Peace Activist



Your home, office, a neutral place, or Zoom.

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