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Our Digital Distraction

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Have we ever wondered how we are functioning in today's day and age? With all the distraction, especially digital distraction, that surrounds us.

We get easily consumed by our cell phones, tablets, e-mails, and unnecessary notification. If we are not paying attention to these mental interruptions, we quickly end up being pulled in many different directions without even realizing it. Unless, we experienced some unexpected moments, such as missing an important date or getting a questioning illness, we wouldn't see the importance of focusing on these aspects of our lives and to act.

When are we are going to make the necessary changes to make our lives more fulfilled and relevant? When are we going to recognize that we are in control of these changes? When are we giving attention to ourselves and the people that are so dear to us? When not now, when?

First, we shall understand that we are the change of these actions. Starting to eliminate most of the notifications will already provide us with a significant difference. Also, by deciding as of what time in the day we shall be undisturbed so we can spend quality time with our loved ones, could bring more joy.

These might be small adjustments and possibly not easy ones. Though, it could be a new turn to respecting our time and relevance in our lives more. Let's start here to have a mind of our own and not the one of our digital distraction.

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