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"Be Present!"

Where are we rushing to? Why do we distract ourselves? What are we constantly thinking about? How difficult is it to be present? And why is it important? The last two questions are what we are focusing on today by tackling the first few questions to understand our tendencies.

The tendency we have to move quickly and to pack in as much as we can so we can free up sometime later is, in my opinion, delusional. It never happens, at least not for me. Every time I hurry up and ensure, I can finish this and that, be it for work or in the household, I always find myself in the same place of not having enough time. Additionally, when I pack in extra stuff, I will reach a point I want to take a break. I find myself immersed in reels and other social media posts that the time went way over the time intended for a reset and caused me to be stressed about not having enough time. Now, what to do?

As I write this post about being present, I am witnessing the concern of the first three questions. On the one hand, I want to finish this post as soon as possible because I want to have more time for myself and put some warmer clothes on. While I found it difficult to find words and type, I remember to send a message to my mom, and the next thing I know, I am browsing through my social media only to distract myself by not writing this post. And then I wonder, why is this so difficult to do? Why can't I sit here and be with the challenge? Not knowing how to bring this simple statement of "be present" to you by exploring what happens to my body when it experiences the freshness and give you some tips on not to rush, distract, and move away from discomfort.

Let me use my direct experience to explore this difficulty and the significance of being present with you. There are these sensations of restlessness, my hands feel cold, and my focus on writing is unavailable. I could get up to go to a more comfortable place, yet it would defeat the purpose of practicing being present. So, I pause, close my eyes, and take a moment to observe what I am experiencing. I notice a brisk breeze coming and going. I'm thinking of how incredible it is that Labor Day comes around and the air is much colder, and I wonder, am I crazy for sitting outside? And then a shift happens; I let go of wanting it to be warmer and have more appropriate clothes, my fingertips warm up, and I realize that I can be present with what is coming. All it takes is curiosity and patience. The restlessness has dissipated, the coolness in my fingers has adjusted, and I am providing you with a simple way to where we begin to "be present!"

Next time you find yourself in a moment where presence is needed to complete a time-consuming task, be with family, eat a meal, etc., follow these three steps:

  1. Pause

  2. Notice

  3. Let go

It will require awareness and remembrance. It's not something we can cultivate without effort. The beauty of presence is that we are not spending time in a time zone that has already passed or hasn't arrived yet, but precisely and the only place we can be is here.

Let me know how it goes and if you would like some additional assistance in practicing presence in your daily life. Good luck ❤️.

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