Create Your Life Without Limitation

Updated: Jun 9

Being human is a challenging task from when we lived as cavemen, through the time of explorers of the world, to the inner struggles we avoid today. We have accumulated a lot of experiences along the way, even if they weren't our own. Our thoughts, especially our bodies, carry them with us, which tends to close us in and establish boundaries of what we can and cannot do.

What would life look like if we lived without limitations of our past, system, emotions, expectations, judgments, parents, others, anything?

As I am asking this, what are you saying to yourself? I wish. Wishful thinking. Maybe in your world.

Yes, you're right. It doesn't just happen because we want it to be that way. It doesn't come without working on it. It comes with the challenges of facing your inner demons of trusting yourself and knowing that you will be okay.

In the past few weeks, I have explored a few things in relationships, work, family, society, and my awareness of life. It all started at the end of April by cutting my hair, a short trip to Switzerland, and discovering our vulnerability of being human when it became clear that we only had this one life to live. Let's live without regret (see my last post).

As my exploration continued, I became aware of how we relate to our daily experiences. Sometimes with resentment, sometimes with resistance, and sometimes with full force in wanting to fix it. Either one of these examples will lead to disappointment in one way or another, and most of all, it creates a particular limitation of what is possible.