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Celebrate Life With No Regrets

This post is reflecting on my recent, last-minute trip to Switzerland. It began with writing the email for the past meditation and my 13th wedding anniversary. The focus was on “Celebrate Life.” I woke up that morning with an urge to follow my heart and, while not overthinking, still check in with my family and available resources.

Things changed that week. I felt I wanted to be with my family in Switzerland and take the last opportunity before heading there in July. No worries, it wasn’t an emergency, and that was another push to head over last-minute, not only because of a need but due to no regrets.

That same day, I also planned a trip to NYC to get a haircut and meet up for lunch. So lots were happening that day, in my head and on my schedule.

As I walked to my hair appointment, I knew I’d be booking my flight before my lunch as it would otherwise be too late. Putting that plan aside, I fully attended my haircut appointment, another shocker and yet an experience with the hairdresser I’ve been waiting for. I’m not sure how many times you’ve been to a salon, too many to count; as usual, I came in with no ideas, and this was the first time I left with a cut completely unexpected. And it brought lots of emotions while getting it. Long story short, this hairdresser was so excited to work her magic on my hairstyle that I noticed my emotions sinking into my belly. Many questions and concerns arose while following her artistry. After an hour and a quarter, I leave the place, later than expected, with a haircut I still can’t believe I got, rushing down 6th Avenue to head to my lunch meeting.

Now, what’s with that flight? Running late, knowing this was my last chance, I did something very unmindful. I hurried down to Bryant park while booking my flight. Obviously, it didn’t go smoothly, and I had to re-enter it three times. The flight got booked, lunch happened, and my flight was leaving the next day.

Why am I sharing this? Sometimes the things we do might be crazy, unreasonable, and have no logic, though it’s a moment you can’t regret. Every action you take is an action in the right direction. We might not see it right away.

As for my experience, it was the best thing I could’ve done while still including everyone and everything in this decision. One thing that can help is keeping a clear mind, staying focused, and being able not to regret a decision you make. It’s better to make a decision than no decision at all.

Another lesson learned is that life is too short to hold back on ideas, plans, and purchases to wait for later. Life is happening now. The more we see the possibilities in one moment, we discover how little we need to control or fix ourselves on a specific outcome and to invite the flow of life and create the life we want now 😍.

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