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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

How often in your life have you adjusted who you are to fit in? Either in a new environment, at work, with your family, or somewhere you didn't feel comfortable. The other day in a meeting with strangers, I realized that we often present ourselves with accomplishments and expectations from around us and within ourselves. When we do that, we get further away from who we truly are. Instead of leading with external achievements, there is a much more powerful tool. And it might be the most challenging thing we'll ever face in our lives - ourselves.

We are born into this world as innocent as it gets. As we move along on our journey called life, we learn a lot about behaviors, rules & regulations, education, and how to make money. And during this entire time, we forget the essential ingredient, which is us; our inner world that comes in all the different shapes, forms, emotions, challenges, perceptions, experiences, and thoughts.

Today in schools, there is a greater awareness of finding coping skills to understand ourselves and others better; yet, we are only in the beginning phase of what these practical skills can support us with. It's especially challenging for us who lived a few decades and didn't learn it from an early age. With each day, I get more awareness of how mindfulness can support me and lead me toward being truly who I am and what it means to be human.

One way I discovered how our perception of life is the most significant hurdle to making a connection with others and recognizing who we are. We are impacted by our past, which paves the way we think and live our lives today. Interestingly, we also hold all the experiences of our line of ancestors. Looking at it from this angle, we can't be surprised how difficult it is to be human. And we won't be resolving all the mishaps from our and our ancestors' past. What we can do is become curious and practice the presence of who we are and want to be.

There was a time in my life when I didn't like who the person in the mirror had become; that is when sharing mindfulness found its way to me. I want you to discover how simple life can become when we face ourselves and look deeper into why we walk away from the beauty we already possess by focusing more on how we can get the next degree, next promotion, and next success story. It won't feel comfortable, but the rewards of being who you sincerely are in the depth of your heart are incredible. It won't mean changing your job and not taking that next advancement. The difference you will find is that you lead with the heart and not with an urge to prove something.

Where to begin? First, we can ask ourselves these questions:

  • What am I afraid of?

  • Where am I resistant to change?

  • When am I forceful to get something or somewhere?

These answers will help us get one step closer to our inner world. A place we might have caved away and put in a safe place so we won't get hurt. When we allow ourselves to move toward the hidden spots, we open up to the possibility of finding a diamond in the rough. Once we are willing to take care of that gift inside us and bring it slowly and safely to the surface, we will discover ourselves in a whole and complete way to begin to enjoy our lives.

Join me on this journey to make ourselves belong to this world we live in.

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