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Life on Earth

We are well aware that our time on this planet in this physical form has an unknown timeline. In this case, we don't look at the timeline as a goal. We do anything to be far away from it. We sometimes even avoid conversations around it so we don't have to think about it.

In this post, I want to share different perspectives to bring more ease to this subject, especially when there is no way around it. Some various reminders and perspectives can help us shift our connection to that topic when life gets tough.

We want to address reality before we can bring light to this life experience. Many of us find it challenging to think about distressing illnesses, especially dying. Even while reading these words, you might notice tension around your belly or heart area. A deep sense of discomfort might arise. What would it feel like when we use these terminal words, and we could feel more lightness and freedom?

Personally, I never thought about the end of our physical life as anything dramatic. Probably because my mom would remind me growing up that one day, this day will come, so make the best of it. And the more I explored mindfulness and how to embrace my whole self without the limitation society puts on us, I started not only to know but also to feel how to embrace life for what it is and bring my best.

It's not as much about how to get there and instead more about how we live our life with intention and dedication. Whenever this timeline ends, we are content and at peace where we are. It definitely sounds easier than it is. I am not saying we need to glorify our limited time, nor shall we hide the truth. All there is an invitation to bring more awareness, presence, and tremendous love to the moment we have.

To bring a new perspective to this dreading concern, I believe the solution is to be present as much as possible. Feel free to have hopes and dreams about how long you will live, what you will do and achieve, and where you will go.

At the same time, living with full intention right here doesn't hurt. Even if it means doing a job we don't love, spending too little time with the people we do love, and being unable to do all things we desire. I am certain when we wake up each day, attending with our entire presence what is right in front of us. We will discover that we love the space we work in because of the people and the matter. With our full attention on our loved ones, it will feel like we're spending more time with them. And even if we can't do all the things we desire, paying attention to what we are doing will intensify our activities, and we get uplifted that it feels like we are doing much more than we thought.

Sometimes our thoughts and experiences can trick us and make us believe that we are not doing enough and, above all, are not enough. With that focus, we will meet that moment of no return with regret and "I wish, I would've, could've, and should've" statements. To arrive at that moment with presence and having lived a life with intention, reminding us to return to the present as much as possible will make it easier to feel lighter, find more freedom in what we have done, and be at ease with everything we did do.

Now, enjoy this beautiful planet to its fullest, with all the arrays of colors, temperatures, living things, nature, people, and experiences. When we are present, there is nothing we will miss out on or regret, and each moment will be how it was meant to be, including all the surprises that come with it.

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