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Awakening the Hard Way

How life shows up sometimes is beyond our understanding and challenging to wrap our heads around how and why things are happening the way they are. What I learned from a recent experience is that most things don't happen all of a sudden. They usually gradually evolve and come out in a bang.

Sometimes in anger, sometimes in frustration, sometimes in sadness, and hopefully most of the times in happiness and joy. My experience involved all of the above in a few days and at some point, even within an hour.

Due to the slow arrival of signs and the actions we take, we don't realize that they prepare us for what's to come. When we don't feel aligned with who I want to be and what direction I want to go, we need to connect with our intuition and our hearts to lead the way with decisions that might be crucial.

In the past few weeks, I have been emphasizing on community and how we are stronger when we can share our lows and highs with others who hold space and are there to listen. Communities also help us be happier overall because shared suffering reduces pain, and therefore increases joy. We might not be able to eliminate pain, but we can find better ways to cope with the stresses put on our path.

While I was putting my efforts on social media to raise awareness of "The Mindful Parent" and creating new communities, I neglected to nurture my own, the people who already follow my mission, and avoided the shift in friendships. When I decided to put a hold on posting and connecting on social media, I witnessed how I strayed away from what directions I want to go with mindfulness professionally and personally. After a week's break from social media, I realized that this is the best way for me to completely stop and go back to how we used to connect.

You are the one I want to focus on. Having introduced weekly meditation sessions, I found a way to begin this new community by coming together and share 15-minutes in stillness. To remind ourselves what we want to focus on and where our heart lies. The monthly workshops starting in January will help us noticing how our minds, bodies, thoughts, tendencies, habits, and interactions determine our well-being.

Practicing daily mindfulness isn't a quick fix, and it won't guarantee a perfected skill at any given time. What it does is helping us going through all the ups and downs of life. It is a skill that we always have access to, and we can never fail but always start again. When my story of just a week resonates with you, and you'd like to experience how mindfulness can help you be your best self. I am here to join your journey and be part of being the parent you want to be.

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