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Be the Experience

Looking back at the past year, 2019, gives us the chance to reflect and create new ideas about what the future can hold.

There are some experiences that we want to stay with us forever, and there are moments we prefer to leave behind. Willingly or unwillingly, all our experiences influence our current and future life. During the holidays, I noticed more posts that encouraged people to replace presents that involve tangible things with trips (vacations, movies, day trips, etc.) to increase our positive experiences and to establish more awareness of how these moments form us. Additionally, they stay intact, and they remain in our memories as long as we can remember.

Furthermore, our everyday happenings and events are usually part of our living being. Depending on what is going on, we compartmentalize them into sections of right, wrong, undecided situations. What if we looked at everything as just an experience, without defining them? How would our days and the way we perceive the people around us differ? In my opinion, it would provide us with a higher possibility to evolve and use any experience to our advantage. It will help us to go beyond what we think is right or wrong. We would be able to let go of expectations and what is expected of us. We might be able to see everything in a positive light. As we know, there are always two sides to every story.

Besides that, we could create a surrounding that is healthy, heartening, and supportive of our future experiences, it will also help us to let go of what we think and build up an increase of awareness of the present moment and find joy no matter the experience we have. Every little circumstance adds to our life experience and changes how we observe and respond to our environment. What holds us back most of the time is how we look at ourselves and others. Unfulfilled expectations and disappointing outcomes lead us to start the next chapter less beneficially.

As 2020 is only a couple hours away, I am encouraging us to start looking at each instant for what it is (not what we think it is) and see it as an opportunity to complete ourselves. Appreciating each moment can help us support our next move and nourish our relationships with ourselves and others. For the new year, we begin again and discover our already existing full potential. Let us be the experience.

Wishing you a Happy New and to happiness and many adventures along the way.

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