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Building Deeper Connections

Happy New Year to my first post of 2021. I hope you started well and didn't get too thrown off by the events that mark a new year. It would be a misconception if we thought that once January 1st comes around, it will solve all our problems. No matter if we talk about politics, health, or relationships. To bring change and see a difference, time has to pass, and we must do the work. Reflecting on the positive things, I learned that we have the power to make choices that represent our values, beliefs, and how we want to see the world.

For 2021, I decided to build a deeper connection with the people I identify with, by making me a better person, reaching for the stars, and keeping me grounded. The future holds so many opportunities that we can only see when we stop, listen, and look very closely.

It helps to compare it to the universe, nature, and the human body. The universe is expansive, it spreads galaxies, and when we look through a telescope, we see things we can't see with our naked eyes. And even though scientists and astronauts have been exploring it for ages, there are still unanswered questions and new information that raises to the surface. The same goes for when we look into nature. Take a microscope and take the piece in the above image. The details you will find in a piece we can hold in our hands is unbelievable. It opens up like a universe. There are visuals you haven't even know exists.

Now, look at your body. We know a lot about it. We have 206 bones, 600 muscles, 1 brain, and many other parts that we can refer to. And still, there are parts of how we function mentally and physically that we can't comprehend. During my workshops, we discuss our brain function, how it communicates with the rest of our bodies, and the feedback loop between the mind and body. And even though we access it daily, we, doctors, and scientists don't have all the answers. There is still so much we don't know.

By becoming more aware of all the unknown of who we are, what secrets nature holds, and where humans will live in centuries to come, we can be more understanding, supportive, and caring for what is happening within us. Begin to be compassionate with yourself, understand that there is always new information to hold healthier conversations, talk to people who we usually would disagree with, and go deeper in connecting with one another. Because when we see how much we don't understand about ourselves, how should we understand others? Let this year be the stepping stone to getting to know ourselves on a deeper level to create these meaningful, in-depth, and mindfulness connections that make us better people overall.

When we change, others will change with us.

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