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Change of Season - Change of Mind

Fall has officially started in September though the temperatures haven't changed as quickly. Now, only three days into October, here in Valhalla, NY, we already experienced three different extremes of weather. October 1st seemed to be the perfect fall day (sunny, warm), yesterday we had a perfect summer day (hot, humid), and today is a typical fall day (wet, cold). This drastic change definitely asks us to be adaptable in our moods and choice of clothes.

The description of the weather is clearly an observation of our surroundings and for sure show us the difficulty of adjustment to immediate changes. This example of the weather is something we do not control and still, we find it hard to accept them. Interestingly enough, we are only exposed to limited events that we cannot control. Most of our daily activities are somewhat controllable and again we are continuously confronted with new, unexpected changes (traffic jams, lost keys, forgotten wallets, etc.).

How fast can we recover from such changes? It all depends on what state of mind we are in. Whenever we experience a change of plan, expected or unexpected, we usually need to find a second, minute, or longer to recover and figure out a new game plan. Of course, some changes are easier than others, the more people are involved the more difficult it could become. The driving force of how we decide to move on depends mainly on our thought process. It doesn't matter what we are talking about. Our thoughts hinder us from many decisions, only because we misunderstand that our thoughts are just thoughts, they aren't actually happening until we put it into action.

In most cases, the way we communicate with ourselves is through thinking, thinking, and more thinking and it doesn't get us anywhere. One, because we are creating stories in our heads than don't fit into reality and two, we don't want to let go of what we THINK would make the perfect outcome. Certainly, we have to think and there are times when we overthink, which causes us to lose touch with what is right in front of us.

What if next time we come across a sudden change, we take a pause, collect our thoughts, understand where we stand and what our goals are, and then move on to action. Either through communicating our thoughts to someone, take action, enjoying the moment, or allowing ourselves to change our minds completely.

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