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Inner Lightness, Freedom, and Ease

November is an exceptional month in our household. This is the month I met my spouse twenty years ago and my son the exact same day, eleven years later. It is also nine months before my birthday month, making it the right time to talk more about my book, coming out in Spring 2024.

I wrote this book because I felt there was something worth sharing. I realized this after following through with my vision of embarking on a dedicated mindfulness journey almost five years ago. The more I talk about mindfulness and ways to live life with more ease, the more I discover that mindfulness has always been there.

Even you have mindfulness in you, the only challenge is seeing the worth of it, connecting and practicing it on a daily basis.

Growing up, there were times when I struggled with social, relational, and educational structures and limitations. Instead of resisting and fighting against them, I learned to move with them while remaining myself. Though it wasn't always clear that's what I was doing. I couldn't always hold both aspects present at the same time, being myself and living in the environment we live in.

Thanks to various relationships and my personal interest in deepening those relationships, which wasn't and still isn't always met with the same interest, I had the opportunity to learn more about myself and the people. How unique we all are and how much we have in common. So far, the most impactful lessons I have learned from my parents, brother, spouse, and son. The more I understood their stories and life experiences and how I created my own, the lighter and freer I felt within me.

In the book, I share some of those impactful experiences, how they made me who I am today, and how everything has a purpose for what I need to learn. What I hope the book will do is bring that same lightness and freedom to you by recognizing

  • where our journey has taken us,

  • to understand that the only person standing in our way is us, and

  • by allowing mistakes, imperfections, and misunderstandings to lead the way.

Our bodies, brains, life, and other people's experiences are so complex that we never get to the bottom of a problem. Once we uncover one layer, we will find another and another. It's a never-ending quest, instead of working backward and figuring out where we could've taken a different turn. My focus is to work forward. Find a way to accept the past and move into the future with more presence and agency in what actions and non-actions I can take now and today that will lead me in a direction that feels more like me and embraces the things I cannot change.

Ultimately, life is a practice. Something we never will get and work out so we will live stress-free and without any difficulties. The longer we live, the more unexpected situations can evolve and we can witness. My perspective is not to aim for a perfect life but a life that no matter what will cross our path, we will meet with an open heart and mind, compassion, and ways to connect with one another to move into a space of the unknown.

I hope this little introduction has sparked your interest in learning more about what the book will offer, and I can't wait for you to get the full taste.

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