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Losing Footing

Do you ever doubt yourself or your decisions? Do you ever wonder is there more out there for you? Do you lack confidence and self-worth? Are you usually the odd-one-out?

Suppose you answer yes to any of the above questions. Let me tell you; you are not alone. The little voice of comparing ourselves to others and telling ourselves we can't do something can become a loud voice, and we end up shoving away our passion, our life's creations, and confidently showing up in life.

In the past few weeks, I've been there, where I wondered what's next? What else shall I focus on? How can I show up as my authentic self, be the greatness I know I am (we all are) and impact where we change how we live within our societies?

Many of these questions came up, and the one thing that kept me going and kept my vision realistic was me. Being surrounded by inspiring people, who are looking for those answers, just with their vision taught me that unless I believe in myself, do the work, and keep showing up, the vision will stay a dream.

Even though I have my vision and I am the one that knows how it looks like, the most significant part is having a community, connection, and resources you create around it. How your vision will turn out is only part of the journey. How you get there has to be just as fun and fulfilling; otherwise, you won't stay inspired nor connected to yourself. Having a vision is only one side of the coin. As we expand our knowledge, our co-creation with beautiful souls, our network, and resources, we are getting one step closer to our vision. Even if it sometimes means we're losing footing.

Losing footing is a beneficial circumstance. When we can't feel the floor underneath us anymore, our minds activate and our bodies get into high gear. We receive the signals that something needs to change. Usually, we don't know right away what that something is. We begin to go within. We start to exchange our experiences with like-minded people. We notice that we get into an uncomfortable space. Depending on if you are adventurous, willing to go the extra mile, and are aware that great things will always arise, you keep going. You will find a way to land your feet in some undiscovered territory just to find out what else you were missing and what else you still need to find out.

We can learn how to fly, maybe even miles, without stopping. There will be a time when we need to find a way to land, where we need to stop to get nutrients, rest, and connections with others. And when we become aware and acquire on how to land anywhere on this earth, we will never feel like we lost footing, but only discovered how there is a new milestone planted. We are ready to find out what's next on our journey to get closer to our vision in the distance. Always recognize "losing footing" is knowing that we are on the right path.

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I love the meditations and discussions Raditia held twice a week. I would look forward to reconnecting with my inner self and with the people in the discussion. The mindfulness lessons I have learned are life changing and so beneficial to me. I am so grateful for Raditia’s teachings and look forward to learning more ways to live in the here and now and not worry about the outside influences. Just learn to be who you are meant to be. Thank you Raditia!! Fondly, Monika

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