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Move into AWE!

As the season changes, we adjust our bodies and mind. This change doesn't always come easy, especially when we move out of a season that is warm and comforting to the touch. What it will take is slow and deliberate actions. This can be hard to do when we come out of an active, exciting, fun, and free-living period.

How can we find ease in a "new" season? How can we experience comfort when the days get shorter, wetter, and colder?

The simple answer is to move with ease. We can comprehend what "moving with ease" means, though practicing it is more challenging. I will share with you a few ways to take these slow and deliberate actions. These actions can be used for disagreements, relationships, and any place that requires us to ease into a new or another perspective.

As often in mindfulness, we begin with awareness. We can notice what makes the transition from Summer to Fall difficult. It might be, simply put, the temperature, wetness, and the earlier darkness. If we look a little closer, we will notice what's tiring is not just what's changing externally. The work is an internal letting go, a loss of some sort, reminiscent of the memorable activities we enjoyed over the Summer. Even if this awareness isn't a joyful experience, it's a way for us to allow and recognize what we are missing, a longing towards something that connects us.

To continue on this journey of easing into a new season, we welcome it. This deliberate action might require a bit of a stretch if this time of year isn't one of your favorites. By practicing curiosity and openness, we will find different options and possibilities that we do enjoy. That can help us tune into this other way of being. We start making connections that remind us of what we love about the other season and expand our horizon on how to be okay with how things are while creating a worthwhile experience.

By raising awareness of how we relate to a previous experience and then practicing to welcome the change into our lives, the only thing we need now is to move with ease. The critical component is to go slow. Something today's day in time doesn't make it easy. We need to be in multiple places simultaneously, so slow and ease are distant, yet so necessary.

Luckily, speaking of the coming season, going slow and being at ease is what is happening in nature around us. It is slowing down the growing process with ease. How do we incorporate this process into our lives? Making a deliberate choice and dedicating ourselves to match our actions to the nature we belong and move with ease. One step at a time, knowing that slow and steady wins the race and, therefore, ease.


Welcome, and


will bring us the awe we are seeking. Next time you find yourself in a clinch with what is. Become aware of what is, the facts. Once we see, feel, and understand what is, welcoming these elements will put us at ease. We can move through life with less judgment and expectations and possibly find new things to focus on. We will also realize that in no time, we will find ourselves in a new time of the year again where we can continue our practice, which brings us awe, no matter how mundane and boring they are.

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