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Opportunities Are Endless

For the last post of the year, I am focusing on how we can increase and see more opportunities around us. Reflecting on 2023, most opportunities that crossed my path weren't served on a silver platter. Most of them were established years ago, and only this year have they come to full fruition and are visible on the surface.

During this post, I demonstrate how we can see more doors and pathways to get us to where we want to be. The first thing to move out of the way is our want for the instant: the instant result, gratification, outcome, connection, and whatever else we wish to happen instantly when we know what we want.

As beautiful and exciting as it would be to get what we want immediately, chances are it can also move away as fast as it arrived. Therefore, my focus is less on the end result and more on the journey to get there. Not only is it more long-lasting, it will also provide us with way more satisfaction.

One aspect that is a given that will lead to more opportunities is awareness. It will be hard to find opportunities if we can't see what is present and happening around us. Our awareness is often limited because of the mental bandwidth available to us. When our thoughts and attention are preoccupied with situations that are in the past or the future, we won't have enough time and capacity for other things. Usually, our thoughts linger around circumstances that are mainly hypothetical; in those moments, it isn't easy to have space for awareness.

What we initially see might not be opportunities. What we learn with raised awareness is that our attention expands. We will become conscious of what people are doing and saying around us, messages and items that have always been around us become visible, and feelings we have buried away due to discomfort are now possible to be felt because we are no longer preoccupied with matters that don't serve us in the present moment. By letting go of thoughts that only take away energy, we utilize our energy for more beneficial actions.

Those actions can entail seeing pleasant experiences that have happened. Our focus moves away from what hasn't happened to what has happened. When this shift occurs, we begin to see opportunities where we didn't see them before without our lives changing. The only thing that improved was our awareness. The progress in awareness led to

  1. an optimistic perspective that

  2. led to more visibility of the unseen, which then

  3. led to shifting our energy to productive and rewarding action that then

  4. turned into unexpected opportunities.

Once we automate this thought pattern, all we see are opportunities. Where we used to see problems, we now see solutions. And with patience, determination, and commitment to what we want, our lives will be filled with opportunities as the universe is full of stars.

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