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Overcoming ... (fill in the blanks)

How many emotions, situations, traits, illnesses have you overcome? I am sure there are endless ones and likely even more of them ahead of us.

Last week, I had the honor of speaking to many people about their journeys while working on a summit (more to come). They talked about how they overcame something that they didn't let themselves hold back because of a discomforting situation. It was the contrary; it made them go for their purpose even more.

Be it fear, addiction, anxiety, stress, uncertainty, pain, etc. all these traits and experiences once they are overcome, we find ourselves in a state of transformation. When they first show up, we tend to relate them to something negative. Because of the connotation, we want to get away from them or even ignore them. If I look at illnesses, it's usually a good thing if a virus or cancer is negative. A beginning is to replace the automated association of positive or negative and name them comfortable or uncomfortable and see them as opportunities instead of something that holds us back.

When we adjust how we see a particular experience of discomfort or comfort, we begin to shift mentally and physically. The tension in our body releases, and we make the first step out of a fight, flight, or freeze mode. We don't realize the power our brain on our bodies has and vice versa. If we become more aware of how we communicate certain situations to ourselves, we notice a pattern. How we talk to ourselves and also to others is how we invite the experience into our lives.

The same goes for how we treat our bodies. A good night's sleep is a remedy for many of our obstacles as we build more resilience in handling difficult situations throughout the day. Our bodies will give signals on how to take care, but we overrule them with our minds most of the time.

What if we start connecting the two more, by checking in with our breath and noticing how am I feeling mentally and physically? Are they in tune with each other or is one in overdrive and the other exhausted.

It happened to me last week, where I had to give myself constant breaks between all the calls, workshops, and lack of sleep—allowing myself to do nothing for a couple minutes or hours to regain my energy. Sometimes it's just the combination of so many things that makes us break down. When we pause and notice what is going on, we allow ourselves to stay with the discomfort. For me, sleep was it. I had to recognize that I had to be in bed earlier to get the rest I need and reduce a few things that aren't as important. It's the constant checking in. Sometimes we don't know what it is; even that is okay. Just pause, breathe, and notice. And begin again.

While writing this, I see new obstacles ahead of me, and this is life. As long as we are alive on this earth, we will have to overcome something(s). By recognizing, accepting, investigating, and nurturing what is coming our way and showing up is everything we can do at this moment. Welcome every experience with an open heart and mind. Be willing to make mistakes along the way and always live with no regrets.

This story's motto is that when we become comfortable with the uncomfortable, we will see the transformation happening right in front of our eyes, and we will experience them with full presence.

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