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In the past few weeks, I have edited and rewatched the videos for the upcoming "Spiritpreneurship Summit 2020." A recurring theme through almost all the speakers was how it all started by recognizing the message of life's challenges and pain that caused them to reorganize their thoughts and action in the world and especially their lives.

Learning about the repeated messages, I realized what my mission for Mindful Being is to connect our personal life with our professional. Creating a synergy between the two will make our lives more purposeful and won't have us choose between working or living. And we can do both. As Lea Pickard, one of the speakers likes to say: "Both/And." Why make a choice between the two when we can have both. It might just require more thought and further evaluation on how to proceed and how to implement it in our life.

Even looking at the journey of Mindful Being, a lot has changed in a year. Giving myself more time to be still and follow my heart and let my body be the guide instead of solely my mind, helped me enjoy this path.

In the book "Life Is What You Make It," Peter Buffet showcases how our surroundings and taught implications of vocation, success, and money lead us away from what we genuinely believe to be true for us. Buffet is teaching us to look at our tendencies and internal conversations on how to pursue life. Referring to my life and the creation of Mindful Being, I noticed that, even when it wasn't always accessible and smooth, it all related to who I always was and still am. Not much has changed in my core values, being comfortable with the uncomfortable and be happy. Only that I now can say what those lessons, actions, and challenges were that led me to this point.

How can we do the same? It all starts by building an awareness of what we say and do regularly. Are these actions based on what our parents lived by? Are these ideologies that society is laying out to be true? Am I leading with the heart or the material things in life? These might all be questions that we are torn by because we need to make a living in this materialistic world, though how we follow through with it isn't necessarily the ordinary way. Just because we choose, a non-conventional way doesn't mean it can't work and won't give us the financial freedom we are looking for. The first and foremost step is to notice and adjust our journey bit by bit. Taking small steps to get closer to what our hearts deeply and truly are longing for.

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