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Reflections of a Journey: Finding Freedom in the Maze of NYC

The advantage of having people visit your home is that it allows you to reflect on your life and where the roads have led you. Moving from Switzerland to the States started some decades ago. New York City stole my heart over twenty years ago.

Recently, I saw the musical "Hell's Kitchen" by Alicia Keys. It is about a seventeen-year-old girl growing up in the city, falling in love, losing a loved one, and the growing pains of a child-parent relationship. It reminded me of when I first stepped foot in NYC at 23. I've been here ten years prior with my family, which I don't vividly remember; I just remember some pieces here and there.

Watching the musical, listening to the songs, and reminiscing about when I was young reminded me of how beautiful life is. We never know where life will lead us, yet we spend so much time planning out our goals and ensuring we stay on track that we lose touch with which direction we actually need to go.

Getting this view above from The Edge at Hudson Yards gave me another perspective of this incredible city. It provided views of highs and lows, complete and work-in-progress, tone-in-tone and standing out, imagining the millions of people who commute in and out of this city. When we become present with what is happening, reflect on what has already happened, and envision what the future still holds for us, I can't stop thinking about letting go.

Let time lead us.

Let moments lead us.

Let connections lead us.

The more I let moments be moments and let the next moment be guided by what else is happening, the more I am positively and amazingly surprised by what is possible. No matter what happens, there is a way and solution.

Let the maze of NYC be your guide.

Let human connection be our want.

Let love be what we need.

If it wasn't for my curiosity about life, I wouldn't have found love in the middle of a million people, made NYC and then Westchester my home, and couldn't imagine any other place to live, at least for right now.

Life has things we need to take care of and make happen, and there is a whole lot more we don't need to control and ensure they work out. When we let life be lived and allow one thing to connect to the next, we will feel freedom. The more we get comfortable with the discomfort of the unknown, the easier it gets to connect to one another because we don't have to do life alone. And when we link our inner freedom with an authentic connection with one another, life will become precious, and we will have more love to feed from.

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