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Navigating Change and Embracing Our Inner Diamonds

Updated: Jan 4

The world is changing around us. And it is changing at lightning speed. On the other hand, we humans have a tough time adjusting our habits and tendencies to the ever-changing climate (e.g., nature, AI, politics, business, and everywhere where multiple aspects collide).

We can easily get overwhelmed when we focus on all the climates outside ourselves. We start to believe that all that matters is what's happening in the world and forget that the more we allow the external world to take our energy, the more we will be depleted, neglected, worried, afraid, and mistrusting.

The moment someone or something informs us about our habits and tendencies we are not fond of, we build up walls and shut them out. We believe that by only letting in the positive side of us, only allowing the lights to shine on our strengths, we will be saved from the misery in the world.

Have you ever thought about the opposite being true? Have you realized that this way of operating through our days can lead us to disappointment and, in the end, loneliness?

We need other people's perspectives. We need each other. Nobody is here to make our lives difficult, unbearable, and miserable. We need to step out of our own way.

Seeing lessons instead of judgment. Seeing opportunities instead of obstacles. Seeing solutions instead of problems.

When we move with lessons, opportunities, and solutions, we won't be able to take things personally. We won't be living in a small world but an expansive one. We start seeing that what happens in the world is a reflection of how we see ourselves. By inviting all aspects of ourselves, the praise and the constructive feedback, we can shine bright like a diamond.

A diamond is made out of a single element, carbon, and only the atom's placement makes it a diamond, not graphite. A diamond is vulnerable to falls and impacts, though its strength is hardness due to its crystal structure and resistance to scratches. We can build a more resistant environment when we start looking at ourselves this way and embracing our vulnerable sides and strengths. When we look at a diamond, we don't differentiate those parts; we see it as a whole and take care of the diamond with caution and love so it stays intact. How about taking care of ourselves this way?

Our inner and outer beauty reflects the crystal structures and the resistance to scratches. And the human structure is vulnerable to falls and impacts. Embracing our strengths and unshielded characteristics with delicate gloves, we will sparkle and find a reflection in the mirror that embodies our whole body from head to toe and from the inside out.

What if, for this year and forever, we start to shine bright like a diamond? The beauty of accepting this truth is that we will see the diamond in others, and life will be whole with no piece missing. And best of all, we will grow into people we didn't even know existed.

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