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The Answers Are Within

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

In my last post, "What's Your Identity," we looked at different ways in how identity and defining ourselves can limit us.

When we scratch off the surface of our name, location, where we're born, our profession, and who we surround ourselves with daily, we aren't left with much, so we think. In the past few weeks, I have realized that we are so much more than that, and when we remove those easily accessible definitions, we are entering into more depth of who we truly are.

On my exploration journey, I went back into the past to find resources for who I am today. My findings were eye-opening.

First, I looked at my friends who have been in my life for decades. They are not taking no for an answer. They are okay being different, having contrasting perspectives than the norm, not fitting into society, and how their appearance challenges them daily. When we all come together, nobody has to change themselves to fit in. We all embrace each other for who we are. We are funky, crazy, weird, deep, curious, accepting, and absolutely cheerful. When we begin talking, nothing is off-topic. We can discuss everything, and even if we disagree, we know that we all are coming from a heart-centered place.

Second, I reviewed who were mentors in my life that held a strong bone and took my willingness to challenge the authority figure with humor. Not so many but those who have allowed me to express and let me be myself.

Third, I noticed the topics I've been interested in since I was a child. All the themes are an expression of what I still do today. It's as Elizabeth Gilbert calls it in "Big Magic," creative living. Dancing, singing, and creating have been my go-to. For a year, I signed up for a music school. I moved to New York to pursue dancing and instead found my husband, who supports me in anything I put my mind to. I never shy away from conflict and am always interested in finding out why, what, and how, which challenges my surroundings as it becomes uncomfortable. I had books on the brain and anatomy before I even got into yoga and academic studies. The other day, I read in my journal I wrote in 2013 and those words are still true today.

Reflecting on what was already there made it so much easier on where I am going next. It amazed me how connected our most profound yearnings are with our actions when we are willing to go underneath the surface. It also teaches me that there is no reason to be afraid because everything will figure itself out if we just trust and carry a beginner's mind. Embrace what is already here. Don't be scared to stand out. We all have a gift that others need to know about. This gift is right here, in the here and now. Join me on this exploration of who we are and see that the answers are already within us.

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