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Transitions Are Not Easy

This year we experienced many different kinds of transitions. Some are familiar to us, starting a new year and some required adjustments to our every day, dealing with COVID19.

And the changes keep coming, some already started a new school year, and for us, it is nearing. So another transition with unique requirements, obstacles, and adjustments is ahead of us.

Noticing my transition from coming back home traveling overseas and being away for a month, I find myself on a rollercoaster of emotions. And like so many of us, it is something that keeps coming up. I realized that even when I am excited to see loved ones again and returning home, where I feel whole and happy, I cannot deny that it isn't easy. There is jet-lag, and there is the routine that makes it slightly less thrilling to return.

What brought me to write this post is that what we need is patience for ourselves and the people around us. What we need is awareness that things are changing and that we need time to adjust. Compassion is vital to how we experience changes and being patient with how we feel about it and not distract ourselves from straying away from our emotions.

It doesn't matter how much we practice mindfulness or have a daily meditation practice; transitions are unavoidable. They have to be embraced just like all our emotions, difficult conversations, and anything that happens in our lives that feel uncomfortable. Mindfulness and being in the present moment are vital to make such situations welcoming.

It's been a rough road for all of us for the same or different reasons. As some wish this year has never happened, it is also a fantastic opportunity to learn what tools we need to handle uncertain times with more acceptance, optimism, and peace. My mission in raising awareness with mindfulness to people who constantly feel stressed and overwhelmed has become more critical. I see my long learned gift as a possibility to support all our uncomfortable moments with an open heart and mind. It's been my 2020 journey to understand my purpose better and keep evolving.

We all have different experiences that make us see things differently. It means we have to be willing to see and understand other people's journeys, struggles, and joys with compassion, which will also help us be more supportive and appreciative of our own challenges.

If you read this and you feel, how on earth would anybody see this as an opportunity? I would love to hear what has been the most challenging transition for you.

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