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"Live the Human Life..."

One of my highlights this year was the Spiritpreneurship Summit, where I invited thirteen people, most of them I recently met, to have a conversation around five topics. When I first had this idea, I didn't know how much the speakers' content would have meaning in my life and keep referencing in the future. Things they said are valuable for our journey into 2021.

In whichever way you experience this year. Lea Pickard's life experience has taught her how to look at pain, which could be beneficial for our reflection on 2020: "Your mess can be your message, or your breakdown can be your breakthrough." Looking closely at what this year has taught us, we can use her metaphor and look within to find the message inside this mess. There are many different opportunities to see the past year, and I am sure how we phrase them and how we can look at the other side of the coin can help us create some optimistic and positive perspectives on how our lives unfold.

Another speaker, Matt Ludmer, the Founder of the Aligned Center in Tarrytown, said: "Live the human life, not the perfect life... just have some fun people around." It is helpful to adjust our expectations. When we see life as being a journey of discoveries and adventures, we will be able to savor each moment for what it is. A lot of times, we take life too seriously. Don't allow ourselves to have fun. Make sure we fit a mold. When you read these words out loud, you might notice a constriction within your heart or somewhere else in your body. It is because, deep down, we know this is not what life is about. We know that life is what we make of it.

When I had the opportunity to speak to Jeff Carreira, Tobias Barnes Hofmeister, and the Sisterhood: Lea Pickard & Trish Taylor, all pointed out how important it is to do what we love while being in a like-minded community. Trish Taylor also mentioned that: "Who you are is who you surround yourself with." This couldn't be more true. The more we embrace the skills and potential we hold as individuals, the greater the chance to be surrounded by people who lift us up, who want us to succeed and support us with positive affirmations.

Statements made by all the speakers from the summit are compelling. We underestimate the power of our minds. Yes, life can be traumatic. Yes, life has financial, health, relationship challenges, and isn't always easy and fun. What DOES make the difference is when we understand our tendencies, open our eyes, look around for new opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest. We might have to adjust our way-of-thinking, lifestyle, or trajectories, and I am confident that there is always a way for change to happen.

May 2021 offer us the chance to have an open-heart for our obstacles and treat ourselves with dignity and love, so we can walk through life, knowing that we can overcome anything.

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